Aug 20

What is essential for spiritual well being?


Spiritual well being can be very elusive at times; one moment we feel good or even grateful for being alive, the next moment we want to just walk away and leave everything behind. For some of us, almost everyday we wish we can just start all over again, somewhere else. We can feel such peace …

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Aug 13

How do we know that anything spiritual actually exists?


                    It’s true that even though we want to become spiritual and take the spiritual path, we often don’t really know what we’re even looking for. Are we looking for God? Are we looking for a belief system? A religion? Do these options get us to know …

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Aug 06

Can knowledge bring me spiritual well being?


Many of us feel the need to read self-help books or spiritual writings on regular basis. We do it  early in the morning or before bed time. We feel a sense of peace inside of us and somehow stronger to face the world. Some of us can cite beautiful citations from holy books or even …

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Jun 28

What is spiritual well being ?

    What is spiritual well being? Does it really mean anything? Is it important at all for overall well being? If we look at our lives, one way of looking at our well being is by looking at the different aspects of it. Physical well being is when our body is well tuned; we eat well, …

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Jun 27

How to remain spiritual all day long


How to remain spiritual all day, in other words, how to remain on the spiritual path no matter what happens? During our days, we meet many challenges. We might be looking to change jobs, looking for a new partner in life or simply feeling tired. When we are sitting down in front of the beach or …

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